Writing appellate briefs samples

I really only remember one. That brief contained a Statement of Facts that opened my eyes to how well an appellate brief could be written.

Writing appellate briefs samples

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Writing A Michigan Appellate Brief Writing A Michigan Appellate Brief Unlike regular criminal trials, appellate cases often rely heavily on written arguments rather than oral arguments, and you need to work with a team of attorneys who understands how to write winning briefs in Michigan Court of Appeals cases.

Contact our firm now for a free case consultation and learn more about criminal appeals in Michigan and how our team can help you achieve the best available result. Win a Criminal Appeal in Detroit, Lansing, Grand Rapids, Ann Arbor, or Anywhere Else in Michigan In appeal by right and appeal by application for leave cases, hiring a competent attorney who can draft convincing briefs should always be the first step you take.

Write a Brief for Michigan Appellate Courts Appellate briefs outline your argument that will be used throughout the appeals process, and often briefs are the main point considered by appellate courts. Appellate briefs are first evaluated by a pre-hearing lawyer, then a legal clerk of the appellate judges, and finally by the Michigan Court of Appeals judges.

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Our post-conviction lawyers know how to write a winning brief that can convince the pre-hearing lawyers, clerks, and judges, and will tailor our briefs to each individual perspective so that it is clearly understood at every level. While it is critical to comprehensively outline your argument, you also need a concise and clear-cut brief that is easy to understand.

Our attorneys have been writing appellate briefs for over 10 years, and we know how to communicate arguments in a way that reaches multiple parties. Our team will establish key central features of an argument and use those to selectively evaluate the issues that need to be addressed in a brief, allowing our team to draft clear and to the point arguments that utilize the effective tactics we know to be successful.

Work with our team now for effective and convincing writing that will help you throughout your case, and fight for a beneficial case outcome. Our attorneys also know how to close a brief leaving a judge with the facts and a comprehensive understanding of your appellate argument.

Briefs ending with a clear concluding section outlining the judgment requested are usually the most effective, and our lawyers will explain why you should win your appellate case in this critical portion of a brief.


We know what to say and when to say it and will do everything we can to fight for the freedom of you or your loved one after a criminal conviction. Our Proven Approach to Michigan Appeals Learning the strategies that are effective in Michigan cases can take years, and our firm has put in the time to learn exactly how to win a criminal appeal.

Founding attorney Scott Grabel has worked as a clerk in the prehearing division of the Michigan Court of Appeals, and for over 10 years has guided countless clients statewide to post-conviction victories.

Attorney Scott Grabel is available now to provide you with a free consultation, and our team will immediately begin working on your criminal defense case.Sample Legal Briefs Mr. Ehrlich’s published opinions include landmark opinions concerning insurance bad faith, ERISA, Medicare, and arbitration.

The Consumer Attorneys Association of Los Angeles (“CAALA”), the third-largest trial-lawyer organization in the United States, has twice honored him as its Appellate Lawyer of the Year (in The Writing Fellows at the Legal Writing Center have experience creating their own writing samples.

They have also worked with students to revise, edit, and improve their legal writing samples.

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While they can't comment on the strength of your legal analysis, they can help with organization and clarity of your writing. Documents like appellate briefs that are customarily bound are acceptable. But when students stick an unbound writing sample in a binder just to dress it up, they create two.

Nov 21,  · Hogan & Hartson partners Catherine Stetson '94 and Chris Handman offer advice on how to write an appellate brief.

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Provided below are ten practice tips for writing effective ex parte briefs when appearing before the Patent Trial and Appeal Board in an ex parte appeal. Appeal Briefs, 37 C.F.R. § Present only the strongest arguments. Do not dilute strong arguments by including weaker arguments or arguments that have no bearing on the issues in the case.

writing appellate briefs samples

An appellate brief is the document provided to a reviewing court challenging or defending a trial court's decision in a court. Appellate briefs focus more on broad policy because.

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