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Writing an iou letter samples

This fact is, perhaps, the greatest embarrassment of all times to Seventh-day Adventists. Bacchiocchi concedes AD as the latest date for the universal abandonment of Sabbath-keeping by Christians.

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This date is at least years before there was a Roman Catholic Church or a pope. By the time Dr. Bacchiocchi wrote From Sabbath to Sunday, historians had dated the Didache, which documents Christians worshiping on the first day of the week to as early as 50 AD and no later than AD.

More accurately, the Didache is a collection of the first Christian writings, and the section of the document that mentions Christians meeting on the first day of the week to worship God is believed by researchers to be around 70 AD.

American scholars seem convinced that this section was probably written between 50 and 70 AD, whereas European scholars tend to think 70 AD to AD.

Human experience shows us that it takes some highly significant events and a certain amount of time to influence a large group of people to change deeply ingrained behaviors. If Christian writers were discussing the meeting of Christians on Sunday to worship God by 70 AD, it is evident that there would have to have been a process already under way to get a significant writing an iou letter samples of Christians to abandon the Sabbath for Sunday.

It is significant to note that St.

writing an iou letter samples

Paul wrote his last epistle in 63 AD and was martyred somewhere between 64 and 67 AD. Please study the Wikipedia articles on St. Paul and the Didache for support of these facts. What then needs to be taken into consideration is that the Gentile Christians never did, as a group, embrace the Sabbath to begin with, and that the Jewish Christians after one or two generations are the ones who were truly abandoning the last vestiges of the old covenant in favor of the new.

First, he must demonstrate that sun worship was popular enough in the Roman Empire between and AD to potentially have influenced Christianity in the choice of a day of worship on the basis of a perceived need for commonality.

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Second, he must provide adequate evidence to show a high degree of probability that it actually DID influence Christianity in this manner. In view of the extreme difficulties he has in supporting the first of these two requirements and a total lack of any solid evidence for the second requirement, logic requires us to give careful consideration to any other available theory.

The command is followed. The Council of Jerusalem determines that circumcision is not to be required of the new Gentile converts, and the Sabbath and the law cannot be kept without circumcision. Bacchiocchi spends nearly an entire chapter discussing the possibility that this sun cult or that sun cult was popular between 70 and AD, but there is no consensus among his sources.

Requirement 1, therefore, is nearly a total failure.

writing an iou letter samples

In the remainder of this same chapter, Dr. Bacchiocchi attempts to prove that the Romans were using a 7-day calendar that corresponded with the 7-day Jewish calendar. It is painfully evident to the reader that he is grasping at straws to show that a 7-day calendar had even limited use anywhere in the Roman Empire during this period of time.

Most of the historical sources I could locate think that the Romans used an 8-day calendar and that the day named in honor of the sun was the second day of that 8-day week. These sources are fairly consistent in stating that so far as can be reconstructed, the Romans did not adopt a 7-day calendar until around AD.

There are some sources which see evidence that the Roman Empire might have adopted a 7-day week years or more before the birth of Christ. In his book From Sabbath to Sunday, Dr.

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Bacchiocchi states that some historians believe that a 7-day calendar was in widespread use in the Roman Empire by the latter part of the Second Century AD. The transition from Sabbath keeping to Sunday observance was universal by AD.

With the day named in honor of the sun only occasionally being the same 24 hour period as the first day of the Jewish calendar Sundayhow could Christians have been tempted to adopt Sunday observance so the day of worship would be the same as that of the pagans they were trying to convert?

On top of all these challenging questions, we must ask why this entire topic is worthy of discussion, since we have documented proof that Christians had significantly abandoned Sabbath keeping to at least a limited degree as early as 50 AD or 70 AD, and to a very great extent by AD.

The second requirement is, likewise, a total failure. There is no proof. Almost no amount of imagination can "connect the dots" to fulfill the second requirement demanded by logic. Bacchiocchi concedes the following in regard to his theory of the influence of sun worship on Sabbath abandonment: The association between the Christian Sunday and the pagan veneration of the day of the Sun is not explicit before the time of Eusebius ca.

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From Sabbath to Sunday, p. Even Bacchiocchi himself concedes that the abandonment of Sabbath-keeping was universal by A. By there are definite traces in historical records to show that one or more sun worshiping cults held Sunday to be sacred.

Prior to that time, however, it is extremely difficult to show any connection between sun cults and Sunday observance. As noted before, the Romans used an 8-day week with the day named in honor of the sun being the second day of that 8-day week.

The 7-day week was by no means universal in these ancient cultures.Assessment Templates Simplify the assessment process with downloadable templates Whether you're a teacher assessing student performance or a manager conduc. Out of This World was a brief but quality ABC sci-fi series.

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