The americanization of benjamin franklin essay

From being a child of a lower-class family to becoming a huge Influence on the Revolutionary War, Benjamin Franklin Is one of the most interesting Founding Fathers. Starting with Franklins father, who has one of the lowliest Jobs as a candle and soap maker, the social hierarchy begins at the bottom and with all of the artisan Jobs that fall into that category. Franklin being the 15th of 17 children in the family shows that low class families were very large in size, making it very difficult for the youngest children of the family to gain any property or status.

The americanization of benjamin franklin essay

Franklin could scarcely restrain the xcitement as he contemplated the future of this prolific New World that would eventually outnumber the Old. The people all shared common interests and believed that the New Word could only benefit from British control.

He wanted to create a union in which all of the colonies and colonists would come together and work with each other. Franklin only wanted the colonists to be treated equally as to those in the British Empire.

Wood Colonists were wondering if he was ever going to return to America. When Franklin returned to America he lost most of his support. The colonists began to blame Franklin for the stamp act and threatened to attack him. Franklin only wanted Britain and the colonies to be considered as a one but he noticed that there was a change in the relationship between Britain and the colonies.

He felt sympathy for the American opposition and made it clear that Parliament had no right to lay a stamp tax on the colonists without proper representation. Franklin began to change his opinion on the imperial control of the British Empire.

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The Hutchinson letters were published in Massachusetts and it called for an increase in the number of troops to help control the American rebellion. Franklin was outraged that they rejected it in such an abrupt manner that his anger grew for British Empire. When Franklin got back to America the fighting between the colonists and British had already began.

It was said that the connection with Europe was a huge turning point in the war against Britain. Wood Franklin always wanted to be in a position of power where he could shape events on a world stage. Once he realized that the British Empire was only hurting the colonies he began to show patriotism towards the New World in which he was born.

Franklin was not ashamed hat he once favored the British rule but eventually understood that there was a better life and a new beginning to be had.

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They came to the New World with nothing under their name and worked until their dreams were reached. Franklin was Americanized through the many events or lack of events that Britain put upon on the colonies. If the British Empire would have allowed for representation we could have had a totally different scenario.

Fortunately we were able to create our own country in which Franklin had one of the most important roles. Biographies of great men help us understand how they become so great.Jan 01,  · Words: Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: Benjamin Franklin - the Ideal American Benjamin Franklin is considered by many to be one of the greatest Americans to ever live, and is also held as an important pillar of America's national heritage.

In The Americanization of Benjamin Franklin, by Gordon Wood there is the devotion of the rise of tradesmen to the acquisition of the gentleman title.

The americanization of benjamin franklin essay

This is the form of enticement, which Franklin had for climbing up the ladder in the society, which had sharp hierarchal divisions. Context. Like other leaders of the American Revolution, Benjamin Franklin lived in a time of tumultuous changes.

The americanization of benjamin franklin essay

Born into a traditional Puritan society, he grew up with the morals and ideas of America's first European settlers. The americanization of benjamin franklin Essay “The Americanization of Benjamin Franklin ”; The Significance of a Biography When trying to read about history, sometimes it is easy to misinterpret information and not realize certain motives or reasons that are behind historical events.

Apr 10,  · The Americanization Of Benjamin Franklin Essays and Research Papers. Search. The Life And Influences Of Benjamin Franklin Benjamin Franklin was born poor, the youngest son of his parents, and he had to build his life up himself.

An unnamed source in Woods The Americanization of Benjamin. Americanization Of Benjamin Franklin Essay  A Man Becomes a Patriot, and a Land Becomes a Nation The Americanization of Benjamin Franklin by Gordon S.

Wood illustrates the shift from dependence upon the “mother land” of Britain, to the independence of a newly born nation, and the effects these changes had socially, economically, and.

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