Recurring crisis

By Pete Ketcham We have been told repeatedly to vote this midterm election, as it is the most important election of our lifetime.

Recurring crisis

They were to move out immediately and seize the city of Montignac, which had been heavily fortified by the Russians. Moving out in the late afternoon, Alpha linked up with Bravo and Charlie squads and was supported by additional light armour. The attack goes as planned initially, with the defenders being wiped out by the combined might Alpha, Bravo, and Charlie.

Before they can even make plans to set up their own fortifications around the town, the order for all NATO forces on Everon to evacuate is urgently issued by command.

What the Montignac assault force had not realised however, was that a giant wave of enemy reinforcements would be arriving in a matter of seconds. Overwhelmed by the superior numbers and firepower of the Russians, Armstrong's squad is completely overrun, with all of his fellow squad members and even Sgt.

Berghof being cut down during the retreat. Left alone as the sole survivor, Armstrong could do little but make a run for the deep forests of Montignac, running away from the hail of gunfire that followed.

Armstrong desperately tries to raise communications with NATO headquarters, but his radio fails to transmit properly. When darkness completely falls, Armstrong also becomes lost in the maze-like woodlands.

It's not long before he runs into a group of fighters however, who promptly order him to surrender. Armstrong complies, but realises that the fighters weren't Soviet soldiers.

They escort him back to their camp where he's introduced to Commander Slavaone of the leaders of the " Everon Freedom Alliance " group or rather, the so-called "FIA".

Recurring crisis

My apologies for the manner of your arrival. Hey, don't worry about it. Now perhaps you crooks would like to take me back to wherever the hell you abducted me from, before a squadron of Blackhawk gunships comes looking for me.

As soon as you've heard what we have to say, you will be returned unharmed to your unit. Armstrong is recalcitrant however, and remains adamant that it wasn't likely that they'd get support from NATO since no one knew of the guerilla organisation's existence.

Recurring crisis

Regardless of his hesitation, Slava decides to take him back to their main camp anyway to talk with the leader of the guerillas. But before doing so, "enlisted" Armstrong's help in liberating a nearby village that the Soviets were planning to massacre.

He was assigned as "member" of White Wolf, a team of guerillas that accompanied him in liberating the village. After an hour of intense fighting, they succeeded in stopping the massacre. Slava then took him back to the main rebel camp as the sun began to rise. The path to the camp was deep in the heart of Soviet-controlled territory however, which meant that smuggling Armstrong was easier said than done.

Passing through multiple checkpoints, they finally reach one manned by an officer, who immediately suspected that the disguised rebels were up to something.

Forced to act, the rebels quickly take out the Soviets before fleeing into the woods, heading on foot in the direction of the camp at a castle ruin.

Wishes are no good to us, Corporal. Soon, they will find us. Then they will kill us. All we can do is slow them down. I promise you, we will return - and we'll drive those damn Ruskies into the sea. That being said, he voiced his doubts about the American's willingness to gather aid for them but Armstrong, having understood their struggle firsthand, remains firm and assures him that he'd get NATO to assist the guerillas once he returned.

Slava meanwhile, established contact with U.Crisis Cleaners is a professional house cleaning services company and has been located in Gaithersburg, MD for 38 years. We are dedicated to providing quality .

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While the financial crisis in has received substantial amount of attention in the mass media and in the academic as well, Korea had not been immune to economic crisis prior to the financial crisis.

The North Korea nuclear missile saga just keeps on rolling The previous episode was aired in April of this year, resulting in Russia’s Security Council chief, Secretary Nikolai Patrushev, accusing “external provocateurs” of bringing the Korean peninsula to the “brink of war”. RECURRING CRISIS. By Pete Ketcham.

We have been told repeatedly to vote this midterm election, as it is the most important election of our lifetime. I concur with that, it is the most important election SO FAR!, but this election crisis is now going to occur every two years from here on out, and each will be the next “most important election of our lifetime”.

Mar 06,  · The Euro-zone has deep and abiding problems. It is kidding itself if it believes that its recurring financial crises are gone. All of the troubled countries involved seem to prefer austerity to. The Springfield Nuclear Power Plant is a two-unit pressurized water reactor nuclear power plant owned by Mr.

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