Political economy essay questions

While, earlier it was believed that it faces fierce opposition only from the Marxists, today there have arisen new schools of thought questioning liberalism on a number of points.

Political economy essay questions

Download Course Materials Below is Political economy essay questions sample exam for the course. The take home exam is open book and take-home.

Political economy essay questions

There is a choice of 4 out of 6 essays; each essay stands on its own; and students are expected to treat these as if they were formal papers i. You are free to use notes, book as, etc.

This means author, date, and if possible pages necessary if you use direct quotes. You do not need to spend more than 2 hours per question, not counting the final typing.

But you can spend longer if you wish. Please be sure to do an outline for your answers before you begin to write. It is also useful to indicate at the beginning what you plan to do, what you will cover and what you will not.

Please answer 4 questions out of the 6 questions below.

Political economy essay questions

The quality is important, and not the length. As a rough rule, you might consider writing pages single space for each question. This is only a general guideline. Please write an essay on the role of institutions in economic and politics, and then discuss the role of institutions in the international context.

The term "globalization" is increasingly being used in the study of international relations and international political economy. Increasingly, also, there are debates surrounding the definition of the term and the extent of relevance in the global economy. Please write an essay on "globalization" and attendant implications for relations among states.

What is meant by "property rights"? Why are we interested in this issue? What do properties rights "do" what is their function at the national and at the international levels.

Please review ways in which the "sustainability challenge" addresses theories of international political economy. In so doing, please identify the factors or issues that you consider most relevant, and contrast the traditional IPE views and theories with the sustainability critiques. What is the role of "knowledge" and of "technology" in the international political economy?

Please write an essay taking into account the implications for international political economy in theoretical as well as empirical or practical terms.

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What is "international trade"? What are the dominant theoretical arguments "explaining" trade? What are the general ways in trade issues have changed over time? What, if any, is the impact of "environment" on trade? This is one of over 2, courses on OCW.

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Send to friends and colleagues. Modify, remix, and reuse just remember to cite OCW as the source.The political economy of development deals with economic considerations, but it also includes political dimensions as key factors for development prospects of countries and regions. Defining and measuring development and underdevelopment are crucial for the political economy of development.

Politics is a huge factor, possibly even the determining factor in the rise and fall of free trade. It is the root of motivation for some regimes to design their economic policy after free trade in an effort to last longer and to encourage more comprehensive adherence to . Political Economy And Democracy Essay; Chapter 02 National Differences in Political Economy True / False Questions 1.

A country's political economy and culture are independent of each other. True False 2. It is not possible to have democratic societies that . political economic.

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II. Essay Topics. Choice two questions and write a 5 pages respond for each question, you may use online scholar sources or books but you need to . Essay I. Of the Laws of Interchange between Nations. Essay II.

Of the Influence of Consumption on Production. Essay III. On the Words Productive and Unproductive. Essay IV. On Profits, and Interest. Essay V. On the Definition of Political Economy. PREFACE. Of these Essays, which were written in and , the fifth alone has been previously printed.

The other four have hitherto remained in manuscript, because, during th.

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