Masdar city business plan

The city combines ancient Arabic architectural techniques with modern technology and is built around a huge central Arabic wind tunnel that channels a cooling breeze through the streets and alleys making it comfortable to stroll around even during high summer temperatures. Masdar also harnesses the power of the sun, using clean energy created onsite from rooftop solar and one of the largest photovoltaic installations in the Middle East. Cars are banned within the city. It is a really unique experience travelling into the centre of the development in the Personal Rapid Transport PRT pods — small unmanned electric cars.

Masdar city business plan

Print Share In Abu Dhabi, a plan to build "the world's most sustainable eco-city" is taking shape, implementing cutting-edge technology to simultaneously facilitate rapid urbanization and reduce energy and water use. Its name literally means "Source City," because the entire project was thought of as a "source" of alternative energy, allowing the city to fuel itself.

The idea, launched inimmediately captivated the entire world: This has led to delays in funding and deadlines. However, according to Yousef Baselaib, Executive Director of Sustainable Real Estate of Masdar City, the goal of making the project a sustainable development model is near: This will allow us to reaffirm our desire once again to provide a model of sustainable development of our cities now and in the future.

Masdar City broke ground in masdar city business plan build a template, or "greenprint.

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The city is a living demonstration of the potential of clean energy deployment, clean-tech innovation, sustainable urban development, and human capital creation.

There is a wealth of clean energy pilot projects around the development; for example, in solar energy, electricity storage, biofuels, district cooling, and sustainable architecture.

The innovation we have overseen is supporting the deployment of clean energy in the UAE, the region and overseas, and the realization of future projects and the commercialization of new technologies.

Yousef Baselaib He is Executive Director of Masdar's Sustainable Real Estate division and its flagship project Masdar City, a "greenprint" for the sustainable development of our future cities.

He is responsible for driving the overall growth and direction of Masdar City's initiatives, and developing future opportunities in sustainable urban development in the MENA region and beyond.

What does the creation of a "zero emissions city" represent for an oil-producing country, which is also heavily dependent on hydrocarbons?

With each new building or phase of the development, we try to push the envelope further. Our vision remains "zero carbon. Although the UAE is seen as a country dependent on hydrocarbons, there is a strong rationale for building a sustainable city that can lead the drive towards the greater use of renewables and clean technology.

We live in one of the harshest desert climates in the world, and keeping cool in the summer months is energy intensive. It will help reduce our natural gas imports, diversify our energy sector and increase the security of our energy supply. Renewable energy is part of the future, and the UAE is poised to maintain its leadership in the energy sector because we recognize the economic, social and environmental benefits of deploying sustainable forms of energy.

Seeking additional secure sources of power also boosts our national energy security because oil and gas are commodities that are naturally subject to price variations due to the volatility of international markets.

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The use of oil as a fuel for power generation has decreased substantially in recent years. In contrast, renewable energy costs are predictable and provide a hedge against this volatility, as they are based on technological development.

That is one reason why more and more countries are investing increasingly in renewable energy. In your opinion, how important is this project to the other Gulf countries, those currently struggling with ambitious programs in order to change their economic policy strategies?

Over the last decade, Masdar and Masdar City have grown from a bold idea into an innovative global brand at the center of clean energy and sustainable development. We are proud to have acted as a catalyst for our industry in the Arab world: Clean Energy does not only embrace our capabilities as a developer and operator of renewables-based utilities.

It also includes the emerging technologies and applied research that are bringing about the renewable energy and water solutions of the future as required by all of our Gulf Cooperation Council GCC neighbors and further afield in the wider MENA region.

Masdar will continue to perform a critical role in cultivating an environment where renewable energy is a viable and cost effective part of the energy-mix.

masdar city business plan

IRENAwith governments increasingly prepared to engage with the market to ensure success. We feel that Masdar has played a critical role in helping to make this happen.

What is the status of the Masdar City development and what is the financial impact of the project? Could you tell us how many companies are involved?

Since Masdar City is no longer only self-developed, providing a meaningful estimate of costs and output is very difficult.

Only the self-developed parts of Masdar City are government funded. The rest will be managed through third-party investment and joint venture development which will be the majority of the overall investment, according to sustainability guidelines drawn up by Masdar City and the development objectives of the Abu Dhabi Urban Planning Council.

This will allow us to further demonstrate our ambition to provide a template for the sustainable development of our cities now and in the future. A division of Etihad Airways has also just moved into the City, with the addition of a further full-time staff.

Do you think that the project will have a positive effect on Emirates economy in term of growth? Do you have any estimate?Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill Architecture’s New Building for The Federation of Korean Industries is Now Open in Seoul, Korea.

Press Release Project. The WWF and Masdar, The Abu Dhabi Future Energy Company, today launched a “Sustainability Action Plan” to deliver the world’s greenest city – Masdar City. Masdar City will be the world’s first zero-carbon, zero-waste, car-free city, aiming to exceed the 10 sustainability principles of.

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Although the core of the city (roughly 5% of its original plan) has been completed and despite the fact that more than companies have an official presence, only residents live in the city.

Those residents are all graduate students of the Masdar Institute of Science and Technology, who are given free tuition and accommodation. New business model in smart cities: Emerging trends and methods of analysis Paolo Neirotti ‐Politecnico di Torino Department of Management and Production Engineering.

Masdar’s review of the City’s Master Plan detailed key updates to the project’s build-out timeline, sourcing of renewable power and transportation and building infrastructure. Key revisions.

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