Lifes realizations in araby and the swimmer

Tell us what you need to have done now! The word choice makes his environment seem bleak, stale, and unchanging. When we met in the street, the house had grown somber.

Lifes realizations in araby and the swimmer

People did right then.

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Her actions consistently reinforce her personality that annoys and gets her family in trouble. These quotes, and most of the dialog from the Grandma set the reader up to believe that she could never change and is stuck in her selfish ways. Kafka makes use of allegorical symbols through objects, characters, nd imagery that server as commentary on Gregors profession, dysfunctional family, and other things.

Cheever also makes use of allegorical symbols in similar ways to Kafka, commenting on the journey of life. There is something buggy about salesmen in the way that many are slimy and crafty to achieve sales.

Salesmen historically have a reputation of being dishonest or self-interested, which in society are associated traits of a low, disrespected profession.

Salesmen are shoed away by customers much like bugs are despised and unwelcomed guests in any home. Though, on the other hand, I must say, that we business people-fortunately or unfortunately —often very simply must overlook a slight indisposition in order to get on with business.

The boss looks down upon Gregor as he would to a bug in a literal and symbolic sense. Kafka makes use of allegorical symbols to comment on Gregors dysfunctional family. She is the one who feeds him and cleans up after him, thus impying their close human relationship.

Though his siter also undergoes a type of metamorphosis from changing to a girl into a woman, which plays a part in her decision at the end of the story when she decides that Gregor must leave.

Gregor clearly does not have a good relationship with his father as he is only concerned about the financial situation and has no interaction with Gregor other than being embarrassed and horrified when others see him, and is quick to blame Gregor such as the incident when he logged an apple into Gregors back for thinking that he tried to hurt his mother and sister.

Other allegorical symbols in this story could include a soul trapped in a helpless body. Much like Neddy who takes a drink and keeps swimming when he confronts emotional discomfort or confusion from some of his friends who make comments to Neddy implying their anger or dissatisfaction with him.

This story could also be an commentary or allegory on a higher class suburbian man born into a self-sustaining family and able to indulge in whatever pleasures he so desires just as drinking and swimming as though there were not a care in the world.

This can be implied since Neddy who is a man with many friends who own pools, something generally only owned by wealthier families. There are many more allegorical symbols that can be found in these stories on several levels, a trait of a well written story.

Both authors made great use of allegorical symbols with their imagery and objects. May we all examine our lives with deeper meaning like these stories can be examined for multiple meanings.

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HUMN Studies in Literature Module 2 Study Questions James Joyce, “Araby” 1. What method does the author use to communicate the boy's character to the reader? I believe that the author has somewhat described the boy as an anti-hero, however, full of motivation to bring Mangan’s sister something from the Araby bazaar%(18).

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Araby. North Richmond Street, being blind, was a quiet street except at the hour when the Christian Brothers' School set the boys free. An uninhabited house of two storeys stood at the blind end, detached from its neighbours in a square ground.

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Lifes realizations in araby and the swimmer

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