Juhani pallasmaa eyes of the skin essay

From early architecture to including the Swedish colonial period [ edit ] The dominance of wood construction[ edit ] The vernacular architecture of Finland is generally characterised by the predominant use of wooden construction. The oldest known dwelling structure is the so-called kota, a goahtihut or tent with a covering in fabric, peat, moss, or timber.

Juhani pallasmaa eyes of the skin essay

Some art you want to consume, other art makes you want to run the other direction. This book helps you understand why. This book explores a lot of stuff we take for granted. Or more usually, ignore. In contemporary society, vision is our primary sense.

It is also probably our most impersonal sense. You are reading this with your eyes. Before we were literate, I would have been telling you this. We spend a lot of time looking at pages, absorbing information on a two-dimensional scale. Many contemporary buildings are designed from the point of view of how they will look on a printed page, not how they will feel when you walk in.

Cities are designed as a two-dimensional grid, with efficiency of transport, not pleasure in being transported, as the goal. With few exceptions, natural beauty is obliterated as an obstacle.

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Television has displaced print as our primary information and entertainment media. I am constantly amazed at the speed of the images on the screen. Our other senses are not so kaleidoscopic. Touch, smell, and taste are slow and sensuous.

The book is full of such insights reminders? Our relationship to architecture is so important and yet so mindless. This book helps bring us back to appreciation of our constructed environment. Why only four stars?

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I found the book pretty disjointed. I was constantly re-reading to see if I missed something. The author constantly quoted from other authors.

I found it very distracting.Open Document.

Juhani pallasmaa eyes of the skin essay

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The Eyes of the Skin of Architecture Juhani Pallasmaa. This book was written by Juhani Pallasmaa with regard to ‘Polemics’, on issues that were part of the architecture discourse of the time, i.e.

/5(8). Overview. The phenomenology of architecture is the philosophical study of architecture as it appears in experience. In contrast, architectural phenomenology is a movement within architecture beginning in the s, reaching its apogee in the late s and s, and continuing until today, which is both intellectual and an aesthetic in character.

For every student studying Pallasmaa’s classic text forthe first time, The Eyes of the Skin is a revelation. Itcompellingly provides a totally fresh insight into architecturalculture. This third edition meets readers’ desire for afurther understanding of the context of Pallasmaa’s thinkingby providing a new essay by architectural author 5/5(1).

And at the same time, a book like The Eyes of the Skin proves how intellectually limp so much phenomenology is. Pallasmaa's writing is gorgeous, provocative, contemplative, and completely lacking in rigor/5(60).

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