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Curtis college

Alright, welcome Curtis to the college marketing podcast. Thanks for having me. This is kind of unusual for you. Usually you are the man behind our video audio productions. Yeah, I try to avoid anything that would, uh, Curtis college people to see my face or hear my voice. So this is fun. Usually on the podcast we have a guest from a community college.

So most people know us as a website development company for two year colleges, but we actually provide a lot of video production services for people, which seems like a weird thing.

Curtis college

Seems like a random mix to be doing web development and video production. How far, how far down memory lane are we Give people a little background on our business, our story as business partners and uh, uh, kind of go from there, but we go back a little ways.

Yeah, we, uh, we met in middle school.

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I think it was a, yeah, sixth grade gym class, something like that. Maybe some after school basketball programs and yeah.

Um, been a little while, has been awhile. And then, um, I think it was a long hiatus there and then you and I just happened to take a class together our senior year and it was, what, do you remember what class that was? I believe it was yearbook. Was that the, was that the name of the class was?

I think it was his yearbook or yearbook class. Yeah, we would, uh, we put together the high school yearbook. So I think all the credit goes to our teacher Ms.

The crazy thing about Ms. And when I was doing research for that spot, Ms. Noggle, our old yearbook teacher works there. She works at Rowan Cabarrus? Noggle, who inspired it all.

You know she does. You and I became really good friends our senior year. We went to East Carolina together. We were roommates, both went through the school of communication together.

And then, uh, from there we started a company called Inspire back in Yep, right out of college and went straight to work.Curtis Cloke is an award-winning financial professional and retirement income expert, trainer, and speaker with over 25 years of experience in income distribution planning.

Speaking With his unmatched insight on retirement and guaranteed income strategies, Curtis engages, entertains, and educates financial & insurance audiences all over the world!

J. Curtis Warner Jr. ’76 holds a bachelor’s degree from Berklee and a master’s degree in education administration from Cambridge College.

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He is known as the architect of the popular Berklee City Music program and is a primary force in the creation of Boston’s only high school for visual and performing arts, the Boston Arts Academy. Curtis is the second commitment of new coach Joe Dooley's staff from the Baltimore area. The Pirates also nabbed a pledge from guard Tyler Foster, a former Georgetown commit, who played in.

Curtis college

Curtis, the site of the state's "Agricultural High School" as a result of federal legislature in , has a long tradition in housing the young men and women who have attended this . Black and white, silent film showing the new College/Curtis Building on Walnut. Includes exterior pans of the building and traffic as well as underexposed footage of the interior.

Publication Date. City. Philadelphia. Keywords. Jefferson Medical College, College Building, Curtis Building, campus. My Curtis audition e-mail says that I have to report there at a certain time. It sounds like a bunch of other people have to show up at the same time and then receive a randomly drawn audition time sometimes between 30 min after they report to the audition and 2 hours after that.

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