Character analysis the passenger

And on this occasion he was supported by having perhaps the two most magnetic and compelling screen personages of the time, Jack Nicholson and Maria Schneider.

Character analysis the passenger

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Trained as an architect, obsessed by the look of the modern city, Character analysis the passenger was above all interested in the figures in the landscape, urban or desert, and nowhere is this clearer in an often highly symbolic manner than in The Passenger Surely no filmmaker since Carl Dreyer has shown such an eye for the formal and the almost Palladian and classical balance of the human figure on a cinema screen.

The Passenger begins rather like a western as a loping and tanned figure wanders through a flyblown African village, leaps into a Land Rover and roars off. Banging the trapped car angrily with a shovel, this is a man at the end of his tether. Staggering back to the hotel in the dusty village Locke finds that a charming fellow traveller called David Robertson, who looks remarkably like him in case you miss it!

We also embark on a journey that meshes privacy with anonymity, all played out against some of the most lushly picturesque scenery every recorded on film. Panoramic wide shots abound as Locke travels through Munich, Barcelona, and rural Spain.

In two highly charged shots, one with Locke in a cable car soaring, waving his arms like an eagle, high above the port of Barcelona, another as the Girl is framed by rushing trees down a Spanish road, we can sense the desperate urge to be utterly free of society and of history itself.

The Unnamed Passenger

As Jack Nicholson stated: And indeed this is a film where sounds, a buzzing fly, a running shower, are as important as dialogue — maybe more so. Never more so than in the complex sound mix one of the first great soundscapes of the postmodern film era over the now famous, climactic, tracking shot.

There are so many elegantly framed scenes in The Passenger that could only have been drawn by Antonioni: Antonioni had directed this whole fiendishly complex scene from a van by means of monitors and microphones, talking to assistants who communicated his instructions to the actors and operators.

Only a year later the wholly portable Steadicam, which uses a counterweight system rather than gyroscopes, would become available for this kind of shot, greatly simplifying such over complicated? Later still the fly by wire like an Airbus Skycam became the way to fly cameras anywhere without the need for such wildly excessive pre-planning and labour!

Character analysis the passenger

So, in the end, The Passenger is a thriller in structure only. For Antonioni, the onscreen action is the means by which the images unfold and the actors and plot are set pieces.

Atmosphere supersedes all else. Compagnia Cinematografica Champion Prod:Jan 01,  · "The Passenger" is about being in a place where nobody knows you or wants to know you, and you are struck by your insignificance.

There was a world where it was important that Robertson was Robertson and Locke was Locke/5. Driver and Passenger Characters Posted on February 10, by Melanie Anne Phillips Four of the eight archetypal characters in Dramatica story theory are the prime movers of the story, and it is their interactions that determine the thrust of .

The Passenger’s slow pace, long, lingering shots, focus on emptiness, One of the recurring elements in Antonioni’s films is a central character who suffers from ennui and whose life is empty and purposeless aside from the gratification of pleasure or the pursuit of material wealth.

Generation Kill follows the Marines of the 1st Recon Battalion through the first four weeks of the invasion of characters are drawn from this group of Marines.

The recurring characters are part of the 1st Marine division is under the command of Major General James "Maddog" Mattis, played by Robert callsign is "Chaos". The main character, Isabella, is a very virtuous and chaste young woman who faces a difficult decision when her brother is sentenced to death for fornication (unlawful sex).

Isabella does not approve of her brother's actions at all, but she pleads for his life out of loyalty and sisterly devotion. The Passenger is a short astronaut who serves as an easter egg in most episodes of Bravest Warriors, as a little in-joke for the creators.

He wears a white helmet, a green space suit, and, occasionally, a white cape.

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