Character analysis anis zaki in adrift

Anchor Books Doubleday,from original. While in Kuwait one evening the brother of my host took me to large outdoor space enclosed by huge walls.

The age of Nasser has ushered in enormous social change, and most of the middle-aged and middle-class sons and daughters of the old bourgeoisie find themselves trying to recreate the cozy, enchanted world they so dearly miss. One night, however, art and reality collide — with unforeseen circumstances.

Naguib Mahfouz Adrift on the Nile 1 April. Month of dust and lies. The long, high-ceilinged office a gloomy storeroom for cigarette smoke. On the shelves the files enjoy an easeful death. How diverting they must find the civil servant at work, carrying out, with utterly serious mien, utterly trivial tasks.

Recording the arrival of registered post. Ants, cockroaches, and spiders, and the smell of dust stealing in through the closed windows. Anis Zaki replied indolently. Had he caught Anis grinning like an imbecile at nothing? But people were used to putting up with such nonsense in April, month of dust and lies.

The Head of Department began to be overtaken by an odd, involuntary movement. It spread through all the parts of his body that could be seen above the desk — slow and undulating, but visibly progressing. Gradually, he began to swell up. The swelling spread from his chest to his neck, to his face, and then over his entire head.


Anis stared fixedly at his boss as the swelling obliterated the features and contours of his face and finally turned the man into a great globe of flesh. It appeared that he had grown lighter in some astonishing way, for the globe proceeded to rise, slowly at first, and then gradually more swiftly, until it flew up like a gas balloon and stuck, bobbing, to the ceiling… "Why are you looking at the ceiling, Mr.

Eyes stared at him in pitying mockery. Heads were shaken regretfully in ostentatious sympathy for the boss.

Let the stars bear witness to that! Even the midges and the frogs have better manners. The asp itself did the Queen of Egypt a great favor. But you, my colleagues?

There is no good in you; my only comfort lies in the words of that dear friend who said: You won't have to pay a millieme.

Naguib Mahfouz. Adrift on the Nile

Just get everything ready for us.The group's master of ceremonies, Anis Zaki, is a widower at the Ministry of Health whose addiction to smoking kef is so severe that he can write out and submit a lengthy document at work without noticing that his pen has run out of ink.

In Tharthara fawq al-Nil (translated as Adrift on the Nile), , a complete opposite to Meriamun’s floating along the Nile in Dweller in Truth, we are on a house-boat on the Nile among disillusioned and cynical gamblers, loafers and addicts. The government official, Anis Zaki, who has lost his wife and his daughters, is the centre of a.

Drugs play an integral part of the Egyptian society in Mahfouz’s book Adrift on the Nile, drugs are used to deal with the realities.

Character analysis anis zaki in adrift

Right from the beginning of Adrift on the Nile Anis Zaki the main character is involved in drugs. The title, Adrift on the Nile, certainly describes the lives of the characters that populate it, especially civil servant Anis Zaki. They are adrift in an Egypt that allows only limited outlets -- political, cultural, sexual -- refusing (or unable) to take anything too seriously.

Emad Hamdy's portrayal of Anis Zaki is truly Oscar worthy, and so was Adel Adham (who always played his supporting roles to perfection). Ahmed Ramzy excels at playing the ageing leading actor; I believe he based the character partly on himself (he was a dashing leading man in the 's and 60's, and by the early 70's his career was /10().

Character analysis anis zaki in adrift

Anis's kif-fuelled fantasies add poetry to the philosophical arguments, until reality intervenes, the group disintegrates and paradise is transformed into hell.

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