Celebrity gossip and the paparazzi persuasive essay

My first few thoughts are loud voices, blinding lights, people running to get away, and to put it all in one word, chaos. Paparazzi are, by definition, freelance photographers that take candid pictures of celebrities for publication. They are a sinister group of people that are known for obtaining such photographs by any means possible, whether it is by harassment, endangering others, or causing fear. If that seems like an extreme accusation to you, then I invite you to first take a look at the origin of the word "paparazzi.

Celebrity gossip and the paparazzi persuasive essay

This one is an example of informative essay writing. The new state law and similar proposals awaiting action in the U. Congress raise significant First Amendment concerns. Celebrities who feel they have the right to privacy in public places often muddy the waters of this issue.

Oddly enough, those celebrities who have chosen to speak out against what they feel are violations of their privacy most always begin their campaigns with a large press conference. It often seems that theses celebrities want it both ways in that they appreciate coverage when they have a movie, record, or book coming out, but not at any other time.

Privacy is a right reserved for when one is in private. The glitter would fade into gray mist, like a San Francisco fog. And the public needs that aura of fame to feed its dreams. If we allow the paparazzi to be used as a scapegoat and to be persecuted and regulated it will not be long until the next most radical fringe group of journalists come under fire.

This cycle will eventually lead to the censorship and suppression of all journalists. Paparazzi photographers, just like any photojournalists, finding a fraction of a second which summates a whole news event and capturing it on film. Their print journalist counterparts, who are afforded not only the luxury of editing, but also a few column inches within which to develop their perception of the story fall into a different category all together.

A photojournalist must ascertain the defining image of a news event as it is happening and capture it on film. If he or she is doing the job correctly, a reader can get a very good idea of what happened without even reading the accompanying article.

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If a fantastic shot is missed, it is gone forever. A good freelance photojournalist shoots what he or she knows.

A good photojournalist also knows what will sell. Sadly money does rule the world, and until paparazzi photographers can feed their families without having to take these sorts of pictures, they will continue to be taken. It is obvious that one of two things is happening.

Either the paparazzi does not threaten privacy and First Amendment rights, or they do in such a way that the public does not care. The reason for this goes back to the rich publications that ultimately drive paparazzi photographers to take these pictures.

In this way both the corporate and private sectors show their approval for paparazzi work. Photographs lacking malicious intent or not published with gross negligence are not conceivably in violation of the First Amendment if they were taken in what would be considered a public area.

Violations of privacy are hard to argue also if the photograph was taken in a public area. Ultimately we do need to protect the rights of the paparazzi as well as their subjects. We need to keep what is public and done in public, public and keep what is done in a private place private, but in those situations we cannot allow our sources of information and news to be restricted.

Celebrity gossip and the paparazzi persuasive essay

There are already laws in every state against trespassing, against stalking, and against reckless driving as in the pursuit of a celebrity to be photographed. There are already state laws against harassment. These laws are available to everyone, not just celebrities. When special laws are created for special people, the scales of justice get tilted out of whack.

And, since these bills seek to criminalize activities that are protected by the Constitution, more than likely, they will fall to the first court challenge.Research has shown that celebrity endorsement can have an impact on the consumer’s attention, recall, evaluations and purchase intentions (Atkin and Block, ), Celebrity endorsement is a widely used tactic in marketing and much research as been done on .

Every day, Americans buy magazines like US Weekly, People and Star or visit websites like Hollywood Gossip and omg. to get their celebrity gossip fix. For the sake of clarity, rather than differentiating between celebrity news and celebrity gossip, which would arguably be an impossible task, we will consider all material presented in the media about celebrities to be gossip.

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Celebrity Gossip Is Not Bad Essay - Olimpio, Elena SOC Professor Dr. McDonald September 19, Assignment #1 In today’s society, human beings feel the need to read about other people’s lives in order to be entertained. Celebrity gossip magazines include extensive articles and features on celebrity weight loss, diet tips and fashion tips and celebrity body images.

One of the most prevalent features in all the magazines is the number of pages, articles and features relating to diet and weight loss, in OK!

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For the sake of clarity, rather than differentiating between celebrity news and celebrity gossip, which would arguably be an impossible task, we will consider all material presented in the media about celebrities to be gossip.

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