Art casting

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Art casting

Art Concrete How-to 4: Concrete Handbook for Artists: Technical Notes for Small-scale Objects. You can use a variety of mixes for different purposes. A cement-sand mix 1: It can be cut roughly with a sharp knife, or accurately with a scroll saw.

This method is particularly suited to simple geometric forms. In this photograph, five layers of 1" 2. This is a one-off mold process. The mold will be broken to release the concrete.

The mix for casting should be wet enough to slump in the mold, to fill corners and spaces, but not so wet that it weakens the end result. The mix I used was: A copper rod has been cast in place. Galvanized steel or plywood are just two more of the many possible mold-making materials.

The large Cast Form with Gold Leaf on a gallery page was made using galvanized sheet metal for the form. This mold for a bowl form was made from styrofoam, drywall cement to round corners, and a hand-raised copper bowl.

The bowl was removed after the concrete mix set.

The Art Of Casting -- A Streetcar Named Desire ()

The drywall cement was washed away. These smaller jewellery pendants were cast and shaped white and grey portland cement with fibres and latex added for strength2. They have been made into pendants see this gallery page.

They were cast in forms made from thin brass, then refined with wet sanding. This is the 32" 82 cm long mold for a piece similar to the Cast Boat Form and is made from galvanized steel held in a wood structure.

I've used plastic tape to hold parts together and to give an interesting surface texture. At this point I'm using a fairly complex mix: It would be suitable for outdoor use. The amount of water is a rough estimate because of sand moisture and type. It is essential to use as little water as possible.

To get the liquid additives into the mix you should add them to some perhaps ml of the water first, add that solution to the dry mix, then continue to add straight water.

After a day the mold is broken open and the shape refined with files and emery paper.

Art casting

Then a small amount of coloured mix is rubbed into the textured surface:Metal Casting and Resin Art Casting design and manufacturing services, short run to high volume,from world renown sculptor Ron Lee. Free DenudeArt picture gallery.

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Thanks! Your suggestion will be reviewed. Models Princess Angel. Programs: Alabama Art Casting is a nonprofit organization, featured regularly at Tannehill Ironworks Historical State Park and offers demonstration pours for events, schools and groups across the Southeast.

Dedicated to Safety. Art Castings of Colorado is committed to provide all employees and artists with the tools and ability to create a safe and healthy work environment. The Art of Casting - Tuesdays in November One of the ingredients of any great film is, of course, its onscreen talent - but it is sometimes forgotten that it was a casting director working behind the scenes who assembled those actors to begin with.

We have over 27 years of bronze foundry experience. We make a practice of working very closely with our customers to ensure that we meet their needs; that the artwork is just as they want it .

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