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Childhood[ edit ] Ramanujan [5] was born in Mysore City on 16 March

Ak ramanujan

What is the design facilitate for lubrication. The design aspect is provided by the high pressure flow of oil from the cross head pin where the oil is at its maximum pressure and carried down to the bearing through a bore made in the con-rod. The main design aspect is the formation of a wedge of oil as it enters the bearing and this is facilitated by the clearance profile.

The next moment the compressor regains its pressure ratio and delivers. A pulsation in the air column is set in to and from the compressor which is transmitted throughout the machine and ducting. The delivery of air in engine cylinders is interrupted.

As the mass flow through the compressor falls, say due to a sudden drop in speed, there is a simultaneous fall of air pressure at the diffuser.

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If the fall of pressure is below the pressure ahead in the ducting. A flow separation takes place with a tendency for a flow reversal. Because of this characteristics of compressor at low mass flow rate, It cannot be worked at point left of maximum pressure ratio i.

A compressor is most efficient within a narrow range on the right of the operating point B. So far, the discussion is confined to only one speed of operation. At any other speed the compressor will have a different characteristic curve. A family of such curves will demonstrate the characteristic of the compressor over a certain operating speed range Fig.

That portion of the curve which remains on the left of the maximum pressure line is inoperable due to surge and the line A joining these points is called the surge limit.

The main practical cause of surging is the fouling of the air cooler after the compressor 94Volumetric efficiency of compressor Answer: The swept volume plus clearance volume is equal to the full volume of the cylinder.

With a given clearance volume having air at the higher pressurit will not allow air to flow in ill its pressure falls down to the inlet pressure and that happens when th pisto has covered some distance covering an equivalent volume. Hence the air atken in by volume is less than the swept violume per stroke This ratio is maximized by keeping the clearance volume to a minimum, but it cannot be zero since the piston will contact the cylinder head and the head as well as the piston crown can get damaged during motion.

Hence this clearance is kept to a minimum by taking the bumping clearance and adjusting it as per the instructions given in the manual.

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Practically volumetric efficiency is also reduced by other factors such as worn cylinder bore, worn piston rings, leaking suction and delivery valves and even inefficient inter coolers. Answer;- The gravity disc is also called a dam ring since it works like a dam separating the oil and water flow.

The height of the ring or the overall width is directly proportional to the difference in specific gravity of oil and water. If the gravity disc is not of the correct height it will allow oioil to flow into the water side and vice-versa depending on their difference.

The sludge discharge takes place through a number of slots in the bowl wall. Between discharge these slots are closed by the sliding bowl bottom, which constitutes an inner, sliding bottom in the separating space.

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The sliding bowl bottom is forced upwards against a seal ring by the pressure of the operating liquid contained in the space below it. This exceeds the counteracting downward pressure from the process liquid, because the underside of the sliding bowl bottom has a larger pressure surface radius R1 than its upper side radius R2.

Operating liquid is supplied on the underside of the bowl via a device known as the paring disc. This maintains a constant operating liquid annulus radius R3 under the bowl, as its pumping effect neutralizes the static pressure from the supply.

When the sludge is to be discharged, operating liquid is supplied through the outer, wider supply tube so that if flow over the lower edge of the paring chamber radius R4 and continues through a channel out to the upper side of a sliding ring, the operating slide.

Between discharges, the operating slide is pressed upward by coil springs. It is now forced downwards by the liquid pressure, Thereby opening discharge valves from the space below the sliding bowl bottom so that the operating liquid in this space flows out b.

This spiral shaped casing space gradually increases the cross section area so the velocity of flow is reduced without shock and since there is no loss of energy the kinetic energy is gradually converted to pressure energy as it leaves the pump casing 98What points and clearances to be checked in main engine exhaust valve?

On the main engine it directly reduces or neutralizes the resultant primarty or secondary couple produced by the inertia of the reciprocating masses comprising the piston with rod and part of the on-rod. In a two stroke engine if the compensator turns at the engine speedit balances or compensates the primary resultant unbalanced primary couple.

If it turns at twice the speed of the engine it compensates the secondary unbalanced resultant secondary couple. Before taking the sample, oil must be drained so that stagnant oil in the sampling point is removed.

The sample must be kept within control room for cooling it down to normal atmospheric temperature. While doing this, the lid on the sample bottle must be half open else vapour condensing during cooling process will get back into the sample.

For all types of lube oils on ships, following Lube oil tests are carried out: Water Content test 5 ml of sample is taken inside digital water content meter mixed with 15 ml of reagent containing paraffin or toluene.

Before closing the lid of the digital meter, a sealed sachet containing calcium Hydride is kept and container closed tight.(OEIS A).

A.K. Ramanujan (Author of Folktales from India)

Pi's digits have many interesting properties, although not very much is known about their analytic properties. However, spigot (Rabinowitz and Wagon ; Arndt and Haenel ; Borwein and Bailey , pp. ) and digit-extraction algorithms (the BBP formula) are known for.

A brief history of notation for pi is given .

Ak ramanujan

A.K. RAMANUJAN (), Indo-American* (Ramanujan would remark to friends that he was the hyphen between Indo-American) Attipat Krishnaswami Ramanujan was . A catalog of some of the most noteworthy numerical constants in mathematics and natural sciences.

From the magnificent to the arcane. Remarkably, the first 6 terms (!) of the power series for this formula (with respect to e 2) coincide with the corresponding terms in the exact expansion given urbanagricultureinitiative.com's only with the coefficient of e 12 that things start to differ slightly: The correct coefficient of e 12 is /2 20 whereas Ramanujan's formula gives /2 21, for a discrepancy .

A. K. RAMANUJAN was born in South India and made a career of probing the meanings of its language, literature and culture for an audience that was formally and professionally American but which in.

A. K. Ramanujan was a poet and translator who studied linguistics, mythology, folklore, poetics, and South Indian and English literatures.

In his essays, poetry, translations, and teaching, his aim was to enhance communication among the speakers of Tamil, Kannada, and English languages.

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