A story about my alarm clock

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A story about my alarm clock

Misc This happened to me recently, so about 1 week ago. I was sitting in my room writing a song I sing.

A story about my alarm clock

There was no noise at all, suddenly I hear a meow. Oh phew I think to myself, just the cat outside. Okay, so I sit back down in my room trying to think of the next verse to write.

Suddenly my alarm clock goes off. My alarm clock is the type that you can record your own messages to wake you up. As in, if I record me saying this: So anyway, I had recorded my alarm for 6: My alarm noise was time to get up.

Now usually it repeats until you hit the snooze button, but this time it just went off once. As I was so scared I ran into the kitchen to my mum and I told her what had happened.

My mum has experienced many ghost and spirit encounters which I will tell you about in other stories so she said to "ignore it and if it keeps happening just tell the ghost, out loud, that you don't like it and want it to stop". So I went back to my room. I have a guitar in my room that is leaning on the wall with to things next to it to stop it from falling over.

A story about my alarm clock

The only way for it to fall over would be for someone to push it over, which means it would fall forward. I was almost finished my song, when my guitar fell forward. I was getting annoyed with the ghost.


I left it alone though, thinking that if things start to get worse to try and tell it off. After dinner I went to brush my teeth and then I went to bed. I was about 20 seconds off from falling asleep when another chill went past me.

I heard the alarm button being pressed but it didn't go off. I then re-heard the button being pushed and my alarm went off. But my alarm didn't go off as I had recorded it, it went off as "gnaw gnaw gnaw.Sep 24,  · It's a digital clock, an alarm and a smart speaker, one that's large enough to deliver decent, room-filling sound -- unlike the Dot or Google Home Mini.

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The last thing I saw was my alarm clock flashing before she pushed her long rotting nails through my chest, her other hand muffling my screams. I sat bolt upright, relieved it was only a dream, but as I saw my alarm clock read , I heard my closet door creak open.

I have a bass shaker on my sim racing seat with a watt amplifier driving it and this alarm clock shaker is damn near as strong. I put this under my side of the mattress at about chest level. Uh, if your iPhone alarm failed to wake you up this morning it wasn't because you got too wild last night.

No, it's actually your iPhone's fault. A Poem By IRmjii. I hear a sound of a Gorilla I wake up in a jolt and look around. Oh it's only my alarm clock.. I have my breakfast on the table. It is an auto-set clock You can set-up the clock by removing the top!!

(It may or may not have a screw:)) From: The Hilton Hotel Alarm Clock "I couldn't stand my incorrect time on my Hilton hotel clock.

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